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Aprilia RS660 Tyre Guide

Our recommended tyre options for the awesome little Aprilia RS660.

Aprilia RS660 Tyre Size

The Aprilia RS660 runs a 120/70/17 front tyre and a 180/55/17 rear tyre.

By clicking the links above you’ll be taken to a list of every tyre we sell in that size. However, below you will find some of our best options for the RS660.

Here at Two Tyres we specialise in motorcycle tyres and we’re a manufacturer-approved fitting centre. We can supply any motorcycle tyre to you by mail order or you can have them fitted in our London motorcycle workshop.

Most Aprilia RS660 owners use their bike for weekend thrills and trackdays but they’re more than capable of taking on a European tour or even the daily commute. It makes sense to fit a quality tyre that’ll warm up quickly, offer plenty of edge grip and return good mileage. A budget tyre won’t cut it on this model.

The RS60 tyre sizes are one of the most common combinations and so you have plenty of choice, whether you want a tyre for Trackdays, Commuting, Fast Road Riding or that touring trip to Europe.

RS660 History

Introduced at the tail end of 2020, Aprilia’s RS660 is essentially ported by half an RSV4 engine. It punches out 98bhp and weighs just 183kg. This little rocket was designed to inspire riders who lust after the small sportsbikes of the 90s and don’t want a 200bhp wrist-wrenching monster. Instead they want a manageable corner hunter to go out and have fun on. Remember the RS250? Well the RS660 is trying to replicate that vibe. It even has a similar colour scheme!

Aprilia RS660 OEM Tyres

The RS660 comes with Pirelli Diablo Rosso 4 tyres as standard. These are excellent tyres and you’d pretty much only change these if you wanted a tyre that gave you far higher mileage or a tyre that gave you more grip for trackdays. Although in the right hands, the RS660 wearing Rosso IV tyres is going to stick with even the grippiest track rubber.

The Best Tyres for the RS660

Typically the RS660 is a bike for the biker who wants one do-it-all weapon in the garage. Most are used for pleasure riding but we do have customers who use them to commute and some who use them to go performance touring.  Quite a few of our customers also take them on track.

It’s interesting to note from Aprilia’s brochure they also recommend running the 180/60-section rear tyre. From the spec sheet: “Radial tubeless, ant: 120/70 ZR 17 post: 180/55 ZR 17 (alternative 180/60 ZR17). So there you have it. If you’re a track-day junkie, an 180/60 is a good option.

Whatever you use your RS660 for, here are our recommended tyre options:

Fast Road Riding

If you’re a weekend thrill seeker and you want a tyre that’s perfectly suited to the UK’s road and weather conditions, these are some great choices.

Bridgestone S22

Metzeler M9RR

Pirelli Rosso IV


If you’re riding to trackdays or just vanning the bike there, these tyres will give you all the edge grip you need to stay at the sharp-end of the fast group.

Bridgestone R11

Pirelli Supercorsa V3 SP

Metzeler Racetec RR  K3


If you want the ultimate in fast warm-up, wet weather ability and mileage then check out these sports-touring tyres.

Metzeler Roadtec 01 SE

Michelin Road 5


If you are after the best mileage and a slower-steering tyre that grip well in all conditions, check out the options below.

Dunlop Roadsmart 3

Bridgestone T32

When did you last check your tyre pressures?

Here at Two Tyres we stock a wide range of motorcycle tyre pressure gauges. Whether you want a digital one or a good old-fashioned analogue dial gauge, we have them in stock. We have tested countless tyre pressure gauges and only sell the ones we rate.

Don’t let a puncture ruin your day

We’ve developed our own motorcycle puncture repair kit to get you out of a tight spot should you pick up a puncture while out and about. Instead of waiting hours for roadside recovery, you can fix a puncture yourself and be on your way in minutes with our quality compact kit. It comes with more gas canisters than any other kit and quality bungs and cement to ensure a lasting fix. Grab your Two Tyres puncture repair kit here.

About Two Tyres

As one of the UK’s leading motorcycle tyre specialists, we are trusted by hundreds of bikers to ensure they’re riding on the best rubber. We hold direct accounts with all the major tyre manufacturers, and we offer unbiased advice.

We have a workshop in London where we supply and fit tyres on a ride-in, ride-out service. We also offer a mail order service, providing tyres and consumables to bikers in the UK, across Europe and the rest of the world.

Ask The Experts

If you need a bit of a steer when it comes to picking the right tyre for your bike or riding needs, feel free to give us a call on 0207 205 2205.

We are motorcycle and scooter tyre specialists, with over 25 years in the trade. We reckon that between us we’ve fitted over 10,000 pairs of tyres. We ride to work, we ride for fun, we race and ride off-road. If it’s got two wheels, we’re into it, so give us a call or drop into our London motorcycle workshop and we’ll do our best to help you.

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