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Best Tyres for Classic Motorcycles

In this guide we’ve put together the best tyres you can fit to your classic bike to get it looking and handling just right. 

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Buying motorcycle tyres from the EU

If you buy tyres from Europe, you will be landed with additional import duty and handling costs of around 25% of your purchase price. So those ‘bargain’ tyres might take longer to turn up and will end up costing you more. We explain the charges. We’ll also show you who’s actually based in the UK, versus the companies based in the EU but hiding behind a UK domain name.

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Trials Motorcycle Tyre Guide

A run-down of all the trials tyres you can fit to your regular or classic trials motorcycle. Plus tips on pressures, fitting and more.

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Best Motocross Tyres Guide

A simple guide to the best tyres you can fit to your dirt bike, whether you’re riding on track or tackling the trails.

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Best Superbike Tyres Guide

Our guide to the stickiest road-legal motorcycle tyres (and why you might not want to fit them).

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21″ Motorcycle Tyre Guide

The best tyre choices for riders of bikes with a big old 21-inch front wheel.

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Grey Import Motorcycle Tyre Guide

The best modern tyres for your classic 90s pocket rocket

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Motorcycle Trackday Tyre Pressures

The right tyre pressure will help your bike handle better, optimise tyre wear and most important of all, keep you safe.

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Every Motorcycle Tyre Size Available

There are almost 200 different sizes of motorcycle tyres out there and we’ve listed them all in this guide.

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The Best Supermoto Tyres Guide

Forget the hype; the best Supermoto tyres are the ones that are right for your riding. If you’re a road rider, these will be different to the tyres you’ll need if you’re Supermoto racing. Our guide helps you pick the best tyres for your SM.

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Road Legal Enduro Tyres Guide

Not all tyres are road legal and it’s almost impossible to ride trails in the UK without venturing onto the road, so how do you know whether your Enduro motorcycle’s tyres are road legal?

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Best Wet Weather Motorcycle Tyres

If you ride your motorcycle or scooter in all weathers you need a tyre that can cope with lashing rain, cold temperatures and dodgy road surfaces. With our guide you’ll be able to get the best tyre for your needs, so you don’t have to think about the grip available and can get on with going where you need to go in safety.

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Pirelli Diablo Motorcycle Tyres Guide

Pirelli are an Italian firm and the word Diablo is Italian for devil. That gives you a fair idea of where Pirelli are pitching their Diablo motorcycle range; for fast road riders and racers. But what’s the difference between all of their Diablo motorcycle tyres and which ones are best for you?

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Harley-Davidson Lithium Battery Guide

Lithium batteries aren’t just for racers. They are much lighter, sure, but they also have a higher cranking capability than the standard Harley Davidson lead-acid battery, meaning your Harley will start easier and faster with one. Find out all you need to know before making a buying decision in our guide.

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Lithium Motorcycle Battery Buying Guide

Lithium motorcycle batteries are now more affordable than ever. They are around 30% more expensive than a quality lead-acid battery but they will last twice as long, weigh about two-thirds less and have a better cranking ability than a lead-acid. This guide is written to quickly help you understand the benefits of a lithium motorcycle battery, dispel the common myths and help you avoid any pitfalls.

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Motoz Motorcycle Tyres Guide

Understanding the full range of Motoz tyres and helping you choose the best tyre for your Adventure spec motorbike.

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