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Motorcycle Servicing in London

Quality servicing, Genuine parts

Here at Two Tyres we offer a full range of workshop services and will service your motorcycle or scooter to factory standards, using genuine parts and fluids.

We are a small and friendly team of experienced mechanics and our motorcycle workshop is in South East London. We all ride and we know how important it is to ensure your bike is in tip-top condition.

Manufacturer service schedules

No two bikes are the same and while a manufacturer’s schedule stipulates the service intervals by time or by mileage, 4,000 miles of commuting puts different stresses on a bike compared to 4,000 miles on track. We don’t just follow the service book; we also carry out a 27-point inspection of every bike we service.

Whether you need a minor motorcycle service or a major service, we’ll ensure your bike is properly maintained, safe and reliable.

What’s the difference between a minor and major service

All manufacturers have different service schedules, some recommend you service your bike at set mileages (for example every 4,000 miles) regardless of the time since it was last serviced. Others recommend you service your bike at set time intervals (for example every 12 months), regardless of the mileage.

One thing that all manufacturers have in common is that they have a minor and major service, usually one follows the next.

A typical minor motorcycle service includes

– Change oil and filter
– Check and top up brake and clutch fluid
– Check brake pads
– Lubricate and adjust chain
– Check tyre pressures

A typical major motorcycle service includes

– Change oil and filter
– Replace air filter
– Check valve clearances if required by manufacturer
– Replace spark plugs if required by manufacturer
– Replace brake and clutch fluid
– Check brake pads
– Clean brake calipers and pistons
– Check headrace and wheel bearings
– Top up coolant
–  Inspect suspension for signs of wear
– Lubricate and adjust chain
– Check tyre pressures

We work with both genuine and quality aftermarket parts.

Is your bike due a service?

If your bike needs its scheduled service or if it’s been sat unused for a while and you want a once over, you can count on us to ensure it’s safe to ride and reliable. If you’d like to discuss your requirements please call us on 0207 205 2205.


Workshop Prices

Service Item
  • Minor motorcycle service From £79
  • Major motorcycle service From £149
  • Oil change From £15
  • Minor scooter service From £59
  • Major scooter service From £89
Opening hours

Monday to Friday - 08:30 to 17:00
Saturday - 09:30 to 13:00
Sunday - Closed

Public Transport
  • North Greenwich, Tube - 10 minute walk
  • Maze Hill, Train - 12 minute walk

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