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Motorcycle Puncture Repair in London

If you pick up a puncture, we’re here to get you back up to speed.

We can fix motorcycle tyres and scooter tyres with a professional permanent repair. We don’t use a temporary plug or foam as these are not safe.

Customer Testimonials

What customers have said about our puncture repair service.

“Absolutely 5 star customer service from the lads at Two tyres got me out a right pickle with puncture and got me out one the road in time for work thank you guys.”Alan Monteiro

“Very impressed with Ben and his team. Polite, knowledgable and super fast and efficient. Even better was that they were very reasonably priced. I highly recommend them.”Eloise Emanuel

“Awesome service from start to finish and communication was great. Will definitely use TwoTyres again.”James S

About Us

Located near Greenwich, we specialise in motorcycle tyres, fitted by experienced mechanics. We have a fully equipped workshop, using a state of the art tyre fitting and wheel balancing machine.


  • Motorcycle tyre fitting
  • Scooter tyre fitting
  • Motorcycle and scooter puncture repair
  • Motorcycle and scooter batteries
  • We can also supply and fit brake pads, wheel bearings and replace your chain and sprockets

Our Motorcycle Puncture Repairs

With our professional motorcycle puncture repair service, we’ll remove the offending item (usually a screw or nail), check the tyre for any other defects and carry out a professional road-legal repair.

There are times when a tyre can’t be repaired. Either the puncture is through the sidewall, is too close to the sidewall or the tyre itself is close to the legal wear limit. In this case, a repair isn’t legal, so we’ll always advise you before we carry out any work, so that you can make the final decision.

Where a repair is possible, we’ll always be able to fix it. Just give us a call to book in your motorcycle’s puncture repair, before the puncture turns into a flat tyre, leaving you stranded.


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Common Causes of Motorcycle Tyre Deflation

The most common motorcycle puncture is a puncture in the rear wheel, often caused by a sharp object like a screw or a nail. If the puncture is in the centre of the tread, is a clean entry and is caused by a screw or a nail, it’s likely that the tyre won’t leak a lot of pressure. You’ll perhaps not even notice you have a puncture until you visually check the tyre or check the pressure.

The rear tyre tends to pick up more punctures from sharp objects due to it having a greater contact patch with the road.

Often if you remove the offending object, you’ll lose pressure more rapidly, changing it from a slow puncture to a flat tyre, which can leave you stranded. Equally if you travel at high speed with an object in the tyre, it is more likely to work its way loose, causing a rapid deflation. Not what you want to happen to you at 80mph on the A3.

If you do have a slow puncture, it’s best to check the tyre pressures and if possible ride to your nearest motorcycle tyre fitter to get the damage assessed. In most scenarios the puncture can be repaired professionally and the tyre will be as strong as it was before.

Other Factors That Can Cause Your Tyre To Deflate

A sharp object puncturing the tyre’s carcass is the most common cause of a puncture however there are other ways a tyre can lose pressure:

Missing valve caps – If you don’t have valve caps on your stems and you ride at high speeds, the centrifugal force on the wheel can pull the valve core in, causing the tyre to rapidly lose pressure.

Failure of the tyre’s valve stem – An incorrectly seated stem or an old stem can lose pressure. It is important to replace your valve every time you change the tyre as a valve will perish over time, leaking air.

Breaking of the bead – This is when the tyre comes away from the wheel rim temporarily. This can happen if you hit a particularly large pothole (the sort that should be marked on an OS map) or if you drop off a kerb or if the tyre just isn’t seated correctly from the start. You’ll rapidly lose pressure but if the rim or bead isn’t damaged, you should be able to re-inflate the tyre.

Excessively worn out tread – Road camber doesn’t affect motorcycles as much as cars but you can still get uneven wear on your motorcycle’s tyres. When the tyre’s tread is near the legal limit, it will start to wear far quicker in the last couple of millimetres than it does in the first couple. You can end up with the tyre’s carcass exposed and air will leak from the tyre if this is the case.

When a Puncture Repair Isn’t Legal

Motorcycle Tyre Puncture Repair requires a keen eye and experience to get right. However you can’t always repair a puncture. There is a British Standard for puncture repairs, BSAU159 which defines what materials can be used to repair a tyre, how often a tyre can be repaired and where you can and cannot apply a repair.

We thoroughly inspect a tyre before a repair takes place. This involves inspection of the outer carcass and the wheel rim to ensure the location of the puncture is repairable and that the tyre would be road legal if a puncture was repaired.

If we deem a repair possible, we then remove the tyre and inspect the inner carcass to ensure that it is structurally safe to apply a fix. If it is not safe or legal to apply a fix, we advise the customer and we don’t charge for the labour to remove the tyre should the customer want to take their motorcycle elsewhere.

We won’t attempt to repair a motorcycle tyre if we spot any of the following:

  • The tread depth is below the legal limit of 1mm across the entire circumference of the tyre and two-thirds of the width
  • A puncture to the tyre’s sidewall or within 2cm of the edge of the tyre
  • Damage to the rim
  • Perished, aged or worn-out rubber
  • Where any of the tyre’s carcass is exposed
  • Where a tyre has previously been repaired in three other areas
  • Where a tyre has previously been repaired to a poor standard

We will advise before we carry out a repair if:

  • The tyre is close to the legal limit, meaning a repair might not make sense financially
  • We suspect the carcass has been weakened as a result of an impact

Professional Repair vs Roadside Repair

Slime: good for emergencies

Why we don’t recommend tyre foam

Temporary fix to get you home, nothing more.

Book Your Bike In

If you want to book your motorcycle or scooter in, you can call us on 0207 205 2205 or you can use our online booking form. We look forward to seeing you.


0207 205 2205



Two Tyres,
Unit 1,
Peterboat Close,
SE10 0PX


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday – 8:30 – 18:00
Saturday – 09:30 – 13:00




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