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Can I run tyre warmers on 18″ classic tyres

Yes you can get them. Some of the specialist motorcycle tyre warmers firms offer tyre warmers in 18″ sizes.

In some cases you can get a 17″ tyre warmer to stretch around an 18″ wheel but it all depends on the retention system. Some of the 17″ warmers have a central long Velcro strap and you can use this to secure the warmer around an 18″ tyre. Of course not every inch of the tyre’s surface is covered but we wouldn’t be too bothered about that final half-inch that’s not in contact with a warmer. Tyre warmers are as much about warming the rim and inner carcass as they are about heating the tyre’s outer.

There aren’t many 18″ motorbikes that will venture onto a race track but if you run in a class motorcycle racing series, you may be running 18s. However a lot of these championships don’t allow warmers, so the tyre manufacturers produce racing tyre that don’t require tyre warmers.

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