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Motorcycle Tracker Fitting London

Know where your motorcycle is at all times with a Thatcham-approved tracker

We only fit the best quality motorbike trackers, the Datatool Stealth S5 and the BikeTrac. These devices have a 95% recovery rate and come with features that alert you to suspicious activity well before thieves have a chance to steal your bike.

Thatcham approved motorcycle trackers

Both the BikeTrac and the Datatool trackers are Thatcham approved. This means they meet the highest security requirements of any vehicle tracker. They are hard-wired into the bike, hard to find and unlike portable trackers, they take a long time to remove.

24/7 x 365 monitoring

When it comes to trackers, you get what you pay for. Both the BikeTrac and Datatool trackers come with a monthly subscription, which enables a 24/7 UK-based monitoring centre, who will contact you by phone call, text and email and liaise directly with the authorities should your tracker sense tampering or movement.

Instant SMS alerts

If your bike is tampered with, the tracker can send you an instant SMS alert, so that you can be on the scene to prevent theft or any unwanted attention, before the situation escalates.


“The investment and subscriptions costs are money well spent for real peace-of-mind in knowing that, should the worst happen, the police will almost certainly respond immediately, and you’ll have an excellent chance of getting your bike back.” – John Milbank, Bike Social Consumer Editor and member of the Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group


Emergency Services auto-dial

Both the trackers that we supply and fit can sense whether your bike has fallen over or whether it has been involved in an impact. If they sense an impact they can send a notification to you or a loved one. The Datatool tracker can even contact 999 on your behalf.

Journey logging and alerts

These state-of-the-art trackers record the bike’s location every few minutes and upload this information to your account in the cloud. You can login to your portal to view your routes and even share them. Both the Scorpion Datatool and the Biketrac have an internal battery so they’re not solely reliant on your bike’s battery to operate. If your bike battery drops below a set voltage the tracker will send you a notification so you can charge your bike’s battery.

Insurance discount

Fitting a tracker will lower your insurance premiums. For some of our customers, it’s the only way they can get a policy. For bikers in London, a motorbike GPS tracker could save you up to £500 off your annual policy, meaning the tracker pays for itself. And with a 95% recovery rate, any costs involved in a theft are vastly reduced.

BikeTrack vs BikeTrac LITE

What’s the difference between a BikeTrac unit and a BikeTrac LITE?

The technology used in both units is the same, both have the GPS and RF technology and 24-7 monitoring. They both also have movement alerts by SMS and Email.

The LITE however does not have the following features: GeoFencing Bike Down alerts, A call from BikeTrac should a theft be detected, European cover, Bike knocked over response, Realtime Mapping and the Securitas response (which is where an SIA accredited operator will attend the bike should the police not be available).

The LITE has a lower price point but is designed to offer theft-beating tech and peace of mind at a reduced cost.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or if you want to book your bike in with us, just give us a call on 0207 205 2205.

Workshop Prices

Service Item
  • Datatool Stealth Motorcycle Tracker (with fitting included) £359
  • BikeTrac Motorbike Tracker £299
  • BikeTrac Lite Motorbike Tracker £199
  • BikeTrack Installation Between £60-120, depending on bike model and install location
  • Monthly Subscription From £8
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