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Motorcycle chain and sprockets fitting in London

A chain and sprockets are the most common motorcycle final drive. You can also get belt-driven motorcycles and shaft-driven. They all need maintenance and they all wear out, eventually.

Your chain needs to be adjusted and kept lubricated so that it works effectively. If you don’t adjust your chain or keep it lubed, it’ll wear out faster than if you look after it. A slack chain can cause premature sprocket wear and can even skip off the sprocket, causing significant damage.

When you fit a new chain, you should also fit new sprockets as it’s likely your old sprockets will wear out quicker than your new chain will. So keeping hold of the old sprockets is a false economy. Any new chain will also need adjusting, especially after the first couple of hundred miles, as it will loosen as the links bed in.

Even a well-lubed chain will need replacing. In general, a well-maintained chain will last between 20,000 and 30,000 miles but they can wear out in as little as 5,000 miles or last as long as 50,000 miles. It all depends on how you ride and how well you maintain this crucial hard-working part of your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Chain and Sprocket Fitting in London

We supply and fit chain and sprocket kits for any make and model of motorcycle. We also offer a range of kits, from heavy-duty chains to lightweight sprockets. We recommend and supply premium brands such as Afam sprockets and DID VXGB chains. We hold stock for common motorcycles but it’s best to call ahead and book in so that we can ensure we have the right kit for your needs. If we don’t have the kit, we can usually get it for you, ready to fit the next working day.

Chain and Sprocket Fitting Prices

Our price will vary and they depend on the size and ‘weight’ of the chain. The weight isn’t literally how much it weighs but more an indicator of the power that the chain is designed to handle.

We don’t have a fixed price to fit, as all motorcycles vary. However below we have listed guide prices. Call us to get a quote for your bike.

We recommend Afam chains for smaller capacity bikes including 125cc motorcycles. For larger capacity road bikes, like Adventure bikes, Commuters and Tourers we recommend DID X ring chains (gold/black). For high-power or performance bikes, like Superbikes and Trackday bikes, we recommend a 520 conversion DID VXMX or DID ERV3  X ring chains (both gold/gold).

We only fit the best quality chains and sprockets. Anything else is a false economy.

The following prices are guideline prices for a kit comprising of Afam Sprockets and a DID Chain (fitted to the bike, including VAT.)

Learner and Mopeds (up to and including 125cc) – Afam 428- 5 (Black) Chain & Sprockets – From £99.95

Small Capacity Motorcycles (125cc – 500cc) –  DID X Ring VXGB -520 (Gold/Black) Chain & Sprockets – From £129.95

Mid Capacity Motorcycles (500cc – 750cc) –  DID X Ring VXGB -525 (Gold/Black) Chain & Sprockets – From £139.95

Larger Capacity Motorcycles (750cc+) – X Ring VXGB -530 (Gold/Black) Chain & Sprockets – From £129.95

Superbikes or Trackday motorcycles – X Ring ZVMX -520 (Gold/Gold) Chain & Sprockets with Afam alloy rear sprocket – From £169.95

Please note, the prices above are estimates. The price for your motorcycle may be different. We always work hard to offer the best prices. If you want to book your motorcycle in for a new chain and sprockets, please call us on 0207 205 2205 and we’ll give you an exact quote or you can use our online booking form.

We can usually beat most internet prices and that also means you don’t have to wait at home for your delivery, just ride to us and we’ll do everything for you there and then.

Book Your Bike In

If you want to book your motorcycle in for a new chain and sprocket kit, you can call us on 0207 205 2205 or you can use our online booking form. We look forward to seeing you.

We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Please leave your email address below.